Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds

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Pandemics raged across the planet, human kind desperately searched for an escape. A ray of hope came from the Federation, the worlds most advanced bitcoin mining community. Engineers analyzing the algorithms discovered patterns of hidden messages sent from an unknown civilization far from their known universe. Once deciphered, these messages formed a map; leading them to a wormhole and for a chance at salvation. A brave crew of volunteers ventured into the wormhole that catapulted them into a distant metaverse. Within this interstellar network the pioneers discovered exoplanets that were inhabitable and began to build a new civilization. The pioneers strove to build a new fair economy. Everything was tokenized, from the tools and weapons they forged to the land they claimed and their avatars that walked it. More explorers arrived at the frontier to seek their fortunes in trillium. Some became landlords renting space to construction projects and entrepreneurs, others extracted trillium from deep within the mines, the bravest adventurers competed in quest for hidden treasures. The federation sent supplies to support their heroes and today six planets stand at the frontier of the new Federation of Alien Worlds. Untold riches are waiting in the prospering metaverse. Where real and virtual worlds collide. How will you make your fortune?

  • Indie(1447)
  • Text(686)
  • Simulator(408)
  • Science fiction(356)
  • Massively Multiplayer Online(216)
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