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Amour Libre

Amour Libre

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Release date: 1/9/2019 (4 years ago)

A mouse only conversational game that explores the boundaries of relationships as a woman in a relationship finds herself physically attracted to a man she met at a party. Amour Libre is also known as Free Love.

Laura kissed a guy at a party a few days ago and she hasn't stopped thinking about him since. She'd like to see him again but Laura has a boyfriend. What will she do? Tell her boyfriend? See the guy in secret? Forget all about him?

    Amour Libre was developed and published by Tweedle Dim(1)
    • Single player(3010)
    • Windows(1159)
    • Side view(1046)
    • Visual Novel(299)
    • Point-and-click(276)
    • Romance(114)
    • Romance(114)
    • 2D(102)
    • Female Protagonist(33)
    • Mouse Only(10)