Boobs vs Aliens

Boobs vs Aliens

Browser Game

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Discover your real divine heritage in our funtastic Tower Defense game! Join the fast-paced, action-packed, cosmically entertaining world of Boobs vs. Aliens and see your powers grow with each battle! Dig deep inside the human psyche, and learn about the very essence of libido as you take part in unforgettable and kinky sexual adventures filled with legendary tales of heroism, tantra, neuroscience, occult, virtual reality and out of this world hi-tech weaponry! So what are you waiting for? Give a fuck! Save the world!

Ever since the dawn of time, ancient alien civilizations have silently studied Earth, analyzing the evolution of our species, cultures, and weird sex habits. Slowly, the legendary power of our libido started affecting them, and they were driven mad with envy and fear at our species' incredible stamina! Now, they have launched a full-on invasion meant to wipe out the human race. It's up to you, oh mighty delivery guy, owner of a small sex shop and a massive...weapon, to defend your planet! Empowered with your supernatural libido, you will have to put those sex toys of yours to good use. With multiple uses and quite effective against alien monsters, they are all that stands between total annihilation, and the promise of a brighter future. Accept your destiny as the chosen one and the demigod of all things porn, and meet many lustful girls along the way in a tour de force cosmic story with a lot of fun and sweet kinks.

    • Single player(2976)
    • Windows(1132)
    • Arcade(562)
    • Android(460)
    • Science fiction(395)
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