Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood

Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood

Browser Game

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Ghosts of Mistwood is a persistent world game about a boy who visits his aunt Virginia at her Mistwood Estate. When he arrives she is nowhere to be found and various quests have to be completed to find her back. It soon turns out she has been captured by a dark spirit and he is assisted by the investigator David, the property managers, a ghost hunter and more characters. Eventually about six NPCs can be used to help you complete tasks. Quests usually consists of clicking on the required locations to progress. Completing them is rewarded with currencies such as blue stars, coins and gold, as well as experience. Various additional resources can be collected such as stardust or wildflowers. The game has a light horror theme and the boy meets various creatures such as ghosts that provide quests.

    • Single player(2653)
    • Android(412)
    • Simulator(408)
    • iOS(341)
    • Mystery(148)
    • Kids(138)
    • Management(26)
    • Family Friendly(5)
    • Isometric(4)