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A New Don

A New Don

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Release date: 3/31/2021 (2 years ago)

Fia grew up on her mother's hog farm, always dreaming about running away to the bustling city that dotted the horizon. Just when she thinks this is all her life will ever be, a letter comes in the mail from an old eccentric man she used to call "Grandfather". He asks her to come to the city so that he may give her something. When she gets there, it turns out that his gift is the ownership of his crime family! But not everyone is excited to see Fia and internal tensions threaten to tear the family apart. Can you survive the 6 days it takes to inherit the family? Become the new Donna, or die trying.

    A New Don was developed and published by HeidenGames(1)
    • Single player(3010)
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