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Bakugan Dimensions

Bakugan Dimensions

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Release date: 6/1/2010 (14 years ago)

Bakugan Dimensions was a beta MMORPG created by Spin Master that ran between June 1, 2010–June 30, 2011. It allowed players to create avatars, explore the game's world, and use Bakugan (either provided in-game or purchased in real life) to brawl non-playable characters and other players. It contained characters from Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders, though the game was largely set independent of the game's timeline. At the beginning of the game, after the character creation menu, players were supplied with three default Bakugan in their chosen attribute. They did not gain experience and levels as quickly, but could be used without making any purchases. To acquire additional Bakugan, DNA Codes found on real-life Gundalian Invaders and Mechtanium Surge Bakugan toys could be input into the game to acquire their game versions.