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5 Minutes to Kill Yourself

5 Minutes to Kill Yourself

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Release date: 4/22/2009 (15 years ago)

Stan is in hell. He lives the day-in, day-out workaday life of a cube jockey. A last-minute meeting request pushes him over the edge. As Stan, you wander the office space finding ingenious ways to hurt him until Stan's health is completely drained. He has but five minutes—if he can't do it by then, he's doomed to sit through yet another boring meeting. You're Stan's only hope.

    5 Minutes to Kill Yourself was developed and published by Adult Swim Games(1)
    • Single player(4399)
    • Windows(1667)
    • Bird view / Isometric(1240)
    • Arcade(939)
    • Comedy(564)
    • Flash Game(229)
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