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Ascendance is a text-based fantasy love story about the first contact between humanity and the extraterrestrial beings known as The Y. Though the premise is a very fertile (and fun!) ground for sci-fi, Ascendance is inspired by several concepts from different spiritualist philosophies, as well as by great fantasy stories, so it might bring a different perspective for you!

You’re an ordinary college student who is simply trying to make it through your college days and graduate. Your life isn’t eventful and you don’t particularly excel at anything. On what looks like an ordinary day, something completely out of character happens in the middle of a lecture. Are you ready to ascend, or will you turn your back on the unknown?

    • Single player(2976)
    • Adventure(1030)
    • Text(714)
    • Fantasy(656)
    • Twine(241)
    • Text Adventure(192)
    • Mystery(160)
    • Romance(150)