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Dad n' Me

Dad n' Me

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Release date: 7/27/2005 (18 years ago)

Dad n' Me is a brawler/ fighting game created by Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin, creators of Alien Hominid,in 2005. It is seen by many as the game which popularized flash games, as for its time it was unique as it was very advanced in a genre that was seen by some as primitive. The objective of Dad n' Me is to travel across a level and to beat up any children and bullies who stand in your path. Once a group of children is encountered, the player's progress will be stopped until they have defeated all the enemies in the area. Various objects can be interacted with in various ways. For example, some objects can be picked up and thrown. others might explode when being hit, and there is even an interactive soccer game midway through that can be played.

    • Single player(2958)
    • Side view(1049)
    • Hack and slash/Beat'em up(50)