18 Cadence

18 Cadence

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18 Cadence is an experiment in interactive narrative, asking players to build something from pieces of story. There was a house at 18 Cadence Street. It was built in 1900. It burned to the ground in the year 2000. In between, people lived there: soldiers, mothers, bankers, stoners; people with secrets, with chores, with dreams, with regrets, with too much stuff or not enough, with sleepless nights, with laughter and with each other. In 18 Cadence, you can explore a century of living and assemble your own story from thousands of narrative fragments. Capture one life or juxtapose people from different eras. Slide, position, and recombine details like magnetic poetry. Decide what's worth telling, and what should be left out. What story will you tell?

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