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4-Block Dungeon

4-Block Dungeon

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In this game, you create the dungeon and explore it at the same time! Control the falling pieces, move them, rotate them, connect them and make them fit together. As the knight, wander the maze-like structure looking for gold and defeating enemies. Jut like in the classic puzzle game Tetris, creating a full row of tiles will make them disappear. And that includes whatever was inside them! So be careful not to place your knight inside a line that is being cleared! The goal of this prototype version of the game is to collect as much loot and level up by defeating the enemies before the map gets filled to the top. When that happens, a portal will appear. Reaching it will mean victory. Getting stuck with no way out is not uncommon inside a dungeon. Luckily for you, the knight is very resourceful and can use different tools to help him during the exploration: - Hammers can create a tile of walkable ground in front of you - Pickaxes let you break walls - Bombs let you destroy tiles (this can be helpful to fit rooms together)

    4-Block Dungeon was developed and published by SquareDev(1)
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