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Achievement Unlocked 2

Achievement Unlocked 2

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Release date: 8/19/2010 (14 years ago)

Achievement Unlocked 2 is a platformer meta-game based on getting achievements, where you control a little blue elephant exploring the facility where it is mysteriously placed, trying to find an exit. It is the sequel to Achievement Unlocked and features the same elephant protagonist as in the first game, as well as in many other jmtb02 games.

Take control of your friendly blue elephant once again and try and get all of the achievements in the game. You have endless lives and you must do every task you can in order to unlock achievements, even dying in every way you can.

    Achievement Unlocked 2 was developed and published by jmtb02(1)Armor Games(2)
    • Single player(4190)
    • Windows(1626)
    • Side view(1526)
    • Adventure(1251)
    • Multiplayer(741)
    • Comedy(521)
    • Adobe Flash Player(440)
    • Metagame(10)
    • Elephant(7)