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Release date: 8/10/2023 (10 months ago)

Alteira is a browser-based RPG (role-playing game). In this fantasy world, you have your own character that you gradually improve, fight against enemies - alone or alongside your comrades, complete daily quests and go through a story that will accompany you throughout the game. The game is played directly in a web browser, so there is no need to download or install anything, only a device with an internet connection and a web browser (for example, a computer, tablet or smartphone) is required. The game is currently available only in Czech language.

After the death of the long-ruling King Haldric, his successor, the present King Theodor, took over the government of the country. Despite the fact that this event did not happen long ago, it sometimes seems as if King Theodor has ruled for a thousand years, because that is what he looks like. But even days before Haldric's death, something began to happen in the country that had not happened for a long time. The skies grew progressively darker, the forests grew restless, the ground began to tremble underfoot, and the eyes of the inhabitants and the wildlife became progressively more uncertain and fearful. It was as if nature knew that the king's time would soon come, and for some reason began to lose its balance. Your task will be to find out what has put nature in turmoil and why the ground is shaking under your feet. "But where do I start?", you wonder. There are many books and writings in the local libraries, even from ancient history, but no mention of similar events... You're hopelessly wondering where to go and what to do first. At that moment you start to feel an unpleasant pain in your head, as if something is directly touching your mind. "Release me!", you hear in a strong voice, even though you know there is no one around you. The pain in your head intensifies and the fear of the unknown begins to take hold of you. "You must go to the Black Tower, find the library there, and you will find the answers you seek." After the last word, the voice in your mind fell silent, the pain in your head suddenly stopped, and now you can only hear your own breath. You ask yourself out loud, "What was that?", and you look around in confusion, trying to figure out if someone was next to you or if you're crazy. "I can't go to the Black Tower. I know a lot of stories and tales about this place, but none of them are nice." Moreover, you don't know anyone who has been to this place because no one has dared to go here, and also the entrance to the Tower is supposed to be enchanted and guarded. Even if you don't want to trust the unfamiliar voice and don't feel good about it, "I guess I'll have to go there anyway", you think to yourself. "But if it's true that the entrance is enchanted, I won't be able to get in just like that. I'll have to find a way to get in first..."

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