Bandit Bites

Bandit Bites

Browser Game

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    Help Nev rescue his 3 favourite things - jam, ducky and ice cream from Bouncer Boy's evil cat, Bandit. Use the cursor keys to direct Nev around the maze and pick up the items, collecting discs along the way. You have 45 seconds to try and save all the items and collect as many discs as you can without getting caught by Bandit. Find the gold disc and you'll hold Bandit off for 5 seconds but he'll soon be after you again! If you're successful and don't manage to get caught in the 45 second limit, you can move onto level 2 where you'll have to look out for an even faster Bandit.

      • Single player(2976)
      • Bird view / Isometric(820)
      • Arcade(562)
      • Flash Game(74)
      • Nev the Bear(4)
      • Cbbc(3)