Browser Craft

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Release date: 10/20/2020 (3 years ago) is a 2D multiplayer browser shooter with fully destructible terrain. The game features multiple distrinct game modes and maps to play in. In your arsenal you have dozens of weapons, grenades, special tools and perks to choose from. The main feature of the game is the destructable buildings, which allow for creative tactical descisions to be made. The map also evolves over time as more and more of it gets destroyed. Bigger maps include driveable vehicles like jeeps and tanks. was developed and published by Sarunas(1)
    • Action(858)
    • Bird view / Isometric(836)
    • Multiplayer(575)
    • Shooter(247)
    • Co-operative(176)
    • Warfare(84)
    • Battle(13)
    • 2 D Shooter(1)