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Blob Command

Blob Command

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Release date: 8/5/2023 (last year)

Match blobs together, create chain reactions and don't run out of time!

In this puzzle game, you guide a group of blobs with the goal of matching three or more of the same color. There are three kinds of blobs: green, red and yellow. While you do have control of their initial position, blobs move on their own in one direction, which depends on where they are facing. Clearing blobs decreases the timer and increases the completion meter by a certain amount - which depends on how many are cleared at the same time - and filling the latter levels you up. The game lets the player create combos - mainly through chain reactions - which increase the score. Have fun!

    Blob Command was developed and published by MegaSparky(1)MoonShine(2)
    • Single player(4399)
    • Windows(1667)
    • Action(1356)
    • Puzzle(1234)
    • Mac(872)
    • Linux(686)