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Calamari Capsize

Calamari Capsize

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"Calamari Capsize" is an exhilarating underwater adventure crafted for the Brackeys Jam 2023, where creators explored the theme of "Diving Deeper" with innovation and excitement. In this captivating game, you take on the role of a young kraken, wielding the immense power of the deep sea as you embark on a thrilling mission. Your objective? To plunge ships into the inky abyss within a limited timeframe. As the mighty kraken, you'll command the sea's elements with your tentacles, relentlessly dragging ships down into the jaws of your formidable aquatic companion. The challenge lies in your ability to harness your newfound abilities to their fullest extent. Each vessel you pull beneath the waves adds to your ever-growing tally, driving your score higher and higher. Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping experience as you navigate treacherous waters, overcome obstacles, and race against the clock to see how many ships you can submerge in the depths. "Calamari Capsize" combines stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, and the intriguing allure of the deep ocean, making it a captivating and challenging adventure for players of all ages. Are you ready to embrace your inner kraken and master the art of ship-capsizing in this oceanic showdown? Dive in and find out!

In the deep ocean lived Kiko Kraken, a young kraken with a rumbling tummy and a curious heart. His eight tentacles swirled with hunger, and he swatted pirate ships by accident. One day, a pirate ship sailed into view. Kiko's eyes gleamed, and he playfully tapped it. Pirates yelled, but the colossal cephalopod just wanted a snack. With a slurp and a gulp, he gobbled up their vessel! But Kiko's hunger didn't stop. More pirate ships came, and Kiko's reputation grew and to this day, he is devouring the hulls of the ships (and yes, sparing the lives of the crew as he shakes them out first, like little seeds from an apple). He finds the texture funny and the taste reminds him of Grandma Kraken's clam popsicles.

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