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Čendovy Patálie

Čendovy Patálie

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Release date: 4/5/2023 (11 months ago)

New Czech short story. The game takes place in Prague and also in Chotěbor. In the game you will encounter Czech dubbing. If you like the Polda game series, you will definitely enjoy this game. The main character is Čenda, who is a bit of a jerk. He is a famous detective who solves all kinds of cases. But before you solve the main mystery, you have a lot to think about. The game also contains a few minigames. This game was made as a school project.

The game at the beginning describes how the protagonist Čenda started his career as a detective (this part is intended as a tutorial and an introduction to the story, the player himself has the option if he wants to advise in this part or he can do it himself as a professional adventure game player), after this "training ” we move in time 10 years later, and Čenda is already solving his cases by himself. He just received a case where the bone of a giant whale was stolen from the National Museum in Prague. That's basically the main plot, trying to figure out who stole the bone and what they did with it. The story takes place in many places - Prague (National Museum, Zoo, Wenceslas Square, etc...), Chotěboř (Chotěboř High School, Falconry).

    Čendovy Patálie was developed and published by Čendovy Patálie Devs(1)
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