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Web Browser Game

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Release date: 7/14/2023 (last year)

A clicker game heavily inspired by Minecraft. You gather resources and then use the resources to craft and upgrade your world and unlock new features. Survival features to be added in the near future. A simple game to mindlessly click away and forget your life's worries

What's a story? You're a mad man who likes gathering things and crafting things and upgrading things... GET TO WORK!

    • Single player(4399)
    • Windows(1667)
    • Text(933)
    • Mac(872)
    • Linux(686)
    • Unity(443)
    • First person(410)
    • Point-and-click(394)
    • Survival(191)
    • 2D(177)
    • Clicker(26)
    • Crafting(23)
    • Building(13)
    • Resource Gathering(8)
    • Storage(2)