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Clown Café

Clown Café

Web Browser Game

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Release date: 12/31/2017 (6 years ago)

Clown Café is a parody visual novel on Tumblr.

Mod 428 starts by greeting the player and asking them how they've been recently, as he heard things weren't going well for them. He lets the player know that he, as well as the other clowns, are there for them, requesting the player to call him if they ever need anything. He describes how he'll drive over in his clown car and bring all their best friends so they can have a good time. He tells the player they need to lay back and clown around sometimes. Mod 428 reiterates that he loves the player, asking once again for them to let him know if they need anything. He ends the conversation with a final request: "take my bloon". When he says this he holds up a blue balloon. The background freezes, changing to dark shades of red and black, and the audio stops.

    • First person(363)
    • Horror(330)
    • Visual Novel(316)
    • Fangame(198)
    • Parody(44)