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Advance Wars by Web

Advance Wars by Web

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Release date: 3/31/2004 (20 years ago)

Advance Wars by Web (aka. AWBW) is an unofficial site created by Aaron Marriner in 2004 that allows people to play Advance Wars multiplayer online in a web browser. AWBW is primarily based upon Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising with select gameplay elements added in from Advance Wars 1 and Advance Wars: Dual Strike, but also expands upon the vanilla experience by including a wider selection of COs than any previous game in the series, up to 16 players per match, additional content and quality-of-life (and some bugs and glitches here and there) and a broad array of community-focused features such as custom maps, spectator controls, replays and a ranked matchmaking system.

    • Multiplayer(749)
    • Fangame(214)
    • Turn-based strategy (TBS)(144)
    • Advance Wars(1)