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Antique Carnevale

Antique Carnevale

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Release date: 7/18/2017 (7 years ago)

A board game with RPG mechanics and a turn-based combat system for battles. Four characters are brought into the game, each character has 2 supporting units that appear in battle. Characters move like different chess pieces, based on their classes, over the 5x5 game board. The game also uses reversi rules for board control. Tiles you own grant mana that is used in battle for different levels of attacks. There are also ways to damage characters on the board outside of battles. The game is won by defeating the other teams King character in battle. No release outside of Japan has been announced.

"A long time ago The gods created a game, “Duel.” In a world where war is forbidden, and everything is decided from victory or defeat in this game. To the gods, “humans” were simply just “pieces” for “Duel.” But before long, the ego of mankind sprouted, and they exiled the very creators of Duel, the gods themselves. Even today, after many moons have gone by, to compete for honor and power. the “Duel” carries on with mankind."

Antique Carnevale was developed and published by Square Enix(1)
  • Single player(4030)
  • Side view(1476)
  • Multiplayer(729)
  • Fantasy(630)
  • Android(587)
  • iOS(487)
  • Role-playing (RPG)(446)
  • Turn-based strategy (TBS)(128)
  • Warfare(120)
  • Free to Play(116)
  • Tactical(109)
  • Chess(14)
  • Reversi(2)