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Cosmic Collapse

Cosmic Collapse

Web Browser Game

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Release date: 11/1/2023 (6 months ago)

A casual game where it's time to tidy up the solar system. Shove planets into each other to make bigger planets. No stress, take your time. Play strategically to trigger insane combos. Earn missiles to get out of tricky situations. A totally accurate simulation of celestial bodies.

It is time to tidy up the solar system. Can't have all these planets laying around.

Cosmic Collapse was developed and published by Johan Peitz(1)Apskeppet(2)
  • Single player(4030)
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  • Windows(1539)
  • Mac(799)
  • Linux(620)
  • iOS(487)
  • PICO-8(265)
  • Pixel Art(158)
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  • Casual(63)
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  • Relaxing(22)
  • Lo Fi(6)