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Release date: 6/30/2024 (4 weeks ago)

LetterSchmetter is a new browser game, which is currently still in closed beta. In this game you have to form words from an anagram in German. The individual letters bring different points, whereby the rounds become more difficult after each solved turn. The game is available for Twitch and is intended as a community game, since the entire chat is involved. In addition, undiscovered words are displayed, so that there is also a learning effect here. The name "LetterSchmetter" is a mixture of the English word "Letter" and the German word "Schmetter" (means to bounce something at high speed on a surface). At the moment 25 german streamers are involved and test all functions live in their streams. If the Beta finished, the german community have a new game. After the released were planned to run the game in english, spanish and french language after a short period of release time.

    • Puzzle(1234)
    • Text(933)
    • Multiplayer(749)
    • Historical(105)