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Adventure Box

Adventure Box

Web Browser Game

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Release date: 4/24/2015 (9 years ago)

Adventure Box lets anyone create and share their own computer games. Adventure Box 3D voxel games are made and played in the browser so there is no download.

Happy Landlord Games are also creating a game of their own using the Adventure Box Maker. This game is called "The rise of an Empire". The game is about you, the hero, a child when the world collapses, as a teenager you begin to learn about your true destiny and what is required to save the world.

    • Single player(4190)
    • Adventure(1251)
    • Multiplayer(741)
    • Fantasy(651)
    • Role-playing (RPG)(452)
    • First person(369)
    • Third person(347)
    • Educational(208)
    • Sandbox(132)