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Come Dine at Valhalla

Come Dine at Valhalla

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Come Dine at Valhalla is a single-player diner game. The game is designed to be played using a keyboard and mouse.

Valhalla is in need of a new chef! The previous chef, that had been cooking in Valhalla for ages, Andhrímir, suddenly vanished without a trace. You have been chosen to be the new cook, so your goal is to cook for the Vikings and barbarians that live there, forever! This job is not always easy, but you have been chosen for a reason, so don't let the Vikings down. If you do, THEY WILL KILL YOU! Deliver orders that come in within the move limit. If you fail, the patience of the Vikings starts to run thin but you can increase it by delivering orders on time. The Vikings want apples, berries, eggs, mutton, pork, fish, and LOTS of mead! You can roast, boil, and smoke almost all the available ingredients, and the more orders you finish, the more difficult the next ones will be. Last but not least, if you are in trouble cooking for the residents of Valhalla, then check out the tutorial! Huginn and Muninn are always ready to teach you the basics!

    • Single player(4190)
    • Indie(1802)
    • Windows(1626)
    • Puzzle(1165)
    • 2D(167)
    • Norse(1)