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Release date: 4/12/2019 (5 years ago)

Enter the world of CrypChania where you can meet other online players on your epic quest to... deliver a package? That's right, you just need to deliver a package. But be careful the bad guys are also after it, so make sure never to loose it. Find your way through different stories, puzzles, side quests, dungeons, castles, forests, deserts and villages and discover piece by piece what is inside this important package as you progress your own story. The game is old school 2d with text boxes (no voices) and contains over 40 hours of game-play and enough side quests for the whole week. There are a few coop maps where you and another player need to help each other to come across some puzzles. Almost every day quests are added so make sure to install the latest releases from the website The game is free to play: for Browser and Windows desktop. The hosting and updates are entirely from donations which makes you a VIP account, which allows you more types of weapons and armor to wear. There are No adds or sponsors, Although if the game will grow and donations are not sufficient we could consider it. For Android / IOS will be published later of 2019 for the time being Smart phone users can play it through the browser. Good luck and have fun!

You wake up in a tent, as it seems you have just rescued a very rich girl. She asked you to take her to her uncles house because it is safe there (which is the opening tutorial but can be skipped.) The uncle tells her that there was a guy who was badly injured and had left him a package before he was gone. They asked you to bring the package to the Western Isles... From here on out you are on your own to figure out how to get there, by doing side stories and quests, talk to people who would help you on your way to your next destination...

    Crypchania was developed and published by squareware(1)