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Crypto Raiders

Crypto Raiders

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Raid dungeons, earn gear, and level up. Crypto Raiders is an NFT-based dungeon crawler on the Polygon network with a goal of being the biggest MMORPG NFT Game. Go on quests, fight MOBs, do PvP, and more. Start your adventure today!

When Airium was scarcely inhabited, it was a dark world. Demons and dark evils residing in the depths of Airium kept most others in hiding. ‍ Brightly shining creatures sent from above quelled the darkness in Airium. The bright light imbued on their bodies displaced the darkness residing in Airium, and the creatures fought tirelessly against the demons and evils. These supernaturally bright creatures were called “the Constructs,” and once they had dispelled the darkness, the inhabitants welcomed them as if they were long lost sons and daughters of Airium. Though as quickly as they had come, they left back to the endless sky. ‍ Their leaving, however, was as fruitful as their coming. The Constructs left behind a beautiful trail of light in their wake. When the Elders and leaders of each of the races came to see the light, there was one Construct that had stayed behind.

    • Single player(4399)
    • Action(1356)
    • Role-playing (RPG)(467)
    • Tactical(111)
    • NFT(97)
    • Blockchain(90)
    • Crypto(61)
    • Blockchain Game(53)
    • Gamefi(5)