Double Jump NFT

Double Jump NFT

Browser Game

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The first race-to-finish, P2E platform-royale game on the Solana Blockchain! Race against other Jumpers across the world in a medley of thrilling maps to finish first. Pay $JUMP to enter global token tournaments for a chance to earn even more $JUMP! Jumper NFTs can be staked for $JUMP, which produce various amounts of daily tokens based on Jumper rarity. Participate in JumpDAO to vote on upcoming maps, new skins, entrance fees for token tournaments, and staking rewards!

    • Multiplayer(496)
    • Platform(449)
    • Third person(217)
    • Party(91)
    • Racing(65)
    • Battle Royale(45)
    • Online Multiplayer(45)
    • Multiplayer(42)
    • Party Games(10)
    • Party Game(5)