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Imobilidade Urbana

Imobilidade Urbana

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Release date: 1/5/2024 (4 months ago)

Imobilidade Urbana is a horror side-scroller developed by the Homeless Workers' Movement Technology Center based on the issues related to the privatizations of São Paulo's transport and water systems, where control Glória who was on her way home from nursing work and came across a fault on the last train of the night. She gets stuck on the dark train and can't get off. The train announcer explains that the passengers must get out as quickly as possible, as their lives are at risk.

    Imobilidade Urbana was developed and published by Núcleo de Tecnologia do MTST(1)
    • Single player(4030)
    • Indie(1728)
    • Side view(1476)
    • Horror(330)
    • Stealth(39)
    • Side Scrolling(28)