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Puzzles of the Paladin

Puzzles of the Paladin

Web Browser Game

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Release date: 3/3/2024 (2 months ago)

A free sokoban-like game with RPG items and Monsters, inspired by the game Dungeon and Puzzles by Nekolyst, made in PICO-8.

A young hero, fueled by dreams of becoming a revered paladin, embarks on a quest that will test his strength and intelligence. Inspired by tales of the Sunforged Knights, he eagerly undertakes the arduous trials that they administer and judge. Success promises not only rank among their esteemed order but also the rewards of riches and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

    Puzzles of the Paladin was developed and published by Nerdy Teachers(1)
    • Single player(4030)
    • Bird view / Isometric(1171)
    • Puzzle(1156)
    • Fantasy(630)
    • PICO-8(265)
    • Sokoban(37)