The Great Ghoul Duel 2

The Great Ghoul Duel 2

Browser Game

The Great Ghoul Duel 2 cover image

Exploring one of several spooky maps, players must collect as many wandering spirit flames as they can in two minutes and return them to their homebase. After time’s up, the team that has collected the most spirit flames wins. But beware! - Opponents can intercept spirits from one another as they bring them back to homebase. Players can choose to host a game with up to seven friends and family via a custom invitation link OR just play with randomized players around the globe. The team built several systems to enable this multiplayer gaming, all running on the Google Cloud Platform, including integrating Open Match, a highly-scalable, open source matchmaking framework cofounded by Google Cloud and Unity. It looks like the ghost is clear—Let's Ghoul!

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