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The Zen of Kayaking

The Zen of Kayaking

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Release date: 6/6/2024 (2 months ago)

An 80KB interactive-fiction text adventure game that begins as you set out with your newly acquired kayak one weekend. Created over 10 days by a team of two.

Setting off on a Sunday morning, you try to forget that by tomorrow you'll be back at work again. The morning spring air is fresh, and the traffic is light as you head along the highway towards the entry to the state forest. Cruising at 88 miles per hour, humming the tune to the duelling banjos in the movie Deliverance, you think that going a little over the speed limit is not such a terrible crime. After all, you've worked hard all week why not shave a few minutes off the trip to get more time on the water. As the thought passes - you spot a state trooper's car on the opposite side of the highway pulse their roof-mounted lights on and off as you pass each other, and hit the brakes a few times to get under the speed limit. Your stomach sinks a little as you wonder if they were quick enough to get your plates. The turn-off for the state forest approaches. You slow and pull your car into the side-road leading to the river-side park and recreation area. The park is mostly empty, bar a gentle spring breeze filling the air. Fantastic, after-all you don't feel much like small-talk, enough of that happens at the office.

    The Zen of Kayaking was developed and published by pixel turkey(1)
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