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Welcome to Bulletheck

Welcome to Bulletheck

Web Browser Game

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Release date: 4/13/2024 (3 months ago)

Welcome To BulletHeck is a small rougelike game focused on randomized items and conserving energy. Energy is consumed by both shooting and sprinting and running out will cause the player to slow down for a short time. New guns and items can be discovered as you progress as well as stat upgrades that can be bought from shops. The only objective is to reach floor 10 and fight the boss.

    • Single player(4399)
    • Action(1356)
    • Bird view / Isometric(1240)
    • Arcade(939)
    • Shooter(447)
    • PICO-8(300)
    • Roguelike(70)
    • Dungeon Crawler(19)