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Release date: 8/23/2007 (17 years ago)

In AirlineSim, players build their own virtual airlines using realistic fleet management, flight scheduling, network planning and monitoring tools. Get ready to compete for passengers in a real time market and make your airline stand out from the others in this browser-based simulation game!

AirlineSim is a business simulation that allows players to run virtual airlines by putting together aircraft fleets, creating cabin configurations and scheduling flights – all while keeping an eye on the market and adjusting price and service levels if necessary. It's not all about competition, though. From forming alliances to signing interline agreements – in AirlineSim, players have many ways of interacting with each other and creating lasting connections. With its own reservation system, realistic management tools, over 300 aircraft types and around 4,000 global destinations to choose from, AirlineSim offers players everything they need in order to grow their airlines and immerse themselves in a world that feels real. Are you ready for the challenge?

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