Anti Terrorist Rush 2

Anti Terrorist Rush 2

Browser Game

Anti Terrorist Rush 2 cover image

In Anti Terrorist Rush 2 you join a shootout to free captured military bases from the hands of terrorists. However you don't control the guy freeing the bases. Functionally the game is the same as the previous game in the serie. As you free more bases you unlock new weapons, which you can deploy during the battles. These weapons include trowing knifes, attack dogs, grenades, missiles and health packs. They can also be upgraded to increase their effectiveness. The player can also upgrade the equipment of his character.

  • Single player(2653)
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  • Indie(1447)
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  • Android(412)
  • iOS(341)
  • Adobe Flash Player(268)
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  • Shooter(235)
  • Side Scroller(11)
  • Upgradable Equipment(2)
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