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Battlefield cover image
    Release date: 12/31/1997 (26 years ago)

    Battlefield was an online multiplayer game where the player controlled a tank belonging to one of the four teams, moving around the map and firing at enemies. The game was partially turn-based: while the player gave their tanks commands in real-time, the tanks made their moves in turns. Tanks could also teleport to any spot on the map, lay down mines as traps for enemy tanks, and use a radar to detect hidden enemy mines and pickups. Fuel played the role of the tank's health, and it was consumed by moving, teleporting, shooting, using a radar, laying mines, or getting shot by enemies. Upon running out of fuel the tank was deactivated and the player had to wait to respawn. It could be replenished by collecting fuel canisters. Equipment could also be acquired; this included better weapons, protective shields, and a long-range radar. Other map features included obstacles which could be moved around by the tank, and ferries used for transport over water. The game was originally available on the game website, but became defunct when the website closed in 2004. It was later available at the URL until 2008.