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Brave Little Beasties

Brave Little Beasties

Web Browser Game

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Raise your elemental beasties to become the strongest fighter in the arena. Collect them in wild areas and train them to fight in battles against other players. Crossbreed them to change their element. Sell beasties that you no longer need to other players and try to complete your beastie collection.

In forgotten places, there live timid little creatures that possess powerful abilities. They command the elements, not just the four well-known ones, but also those like mud, mist, electricity, or crystal! There used to be many of them, but now only a few of their species frolic among the leaves or hide in caves. Additionally, they have been deprived of their ability to fuse, causing their powers to wither, and each little monster now only commands a single element. In BraveLittleBeasties, it is your task to restore the diversity of these bustling creatures. Capture the little fire cats and mist hares, nurture them in your mansion garden with delicious fruits, and assist them in their transformations into mist cats, water cats, or mud and crystal hares using the Fusionia pod.

Brave Little Beasties was developed and published by upjers(1)
  • Single player(4399)
  • Multiplayer(749)
  • Fantasy(680)
  • First person(410)
  • Point-and-click(394)
  • 3D(28)
  • Battle(21)
  • Collectibles(14)
  • Animals(13)
  • Monster Tamer(5)
  • Breeding(3)
  • Online Ranking(3)
  • Elementals(1)