Chuukara Shisen

Chuukara Shisen

Browser Game

Chuukara Shisen cover image

Chuukara Shisen is the one that allows you to play the rare chance times in Shisen-sho with high probability.

The tiles are generated completely at random, but if they do not meet the criteria, the tiles are re-generated, which is a grueling process that produces a high probability of a good deal.

    • Single player(2653)
    • Indie(1447)
    • Bird view / Isometric(752)
    • Puzzle(751)
    • Strategy(391)
    • Party(91)
    • Score Attack(10)
    • Countdown Timer(8)
    • Mahjong(4)
    • Score(4)
    • Timer(4)
    • Shisen Sho(4)
    • Time(4)
    • Time Attack(3)