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Codename: Terranova

Codename: Terranova

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Release date: 7/27/2020 (4 years ago)

One copy to play! The purchase of a single copy of the game grants a friend free access to the Terranova Operating Central System () that involves him as an integral part of this new experience. (By purchasing the game on Steam you will have access to the Agent role. The Operator role is freely and easily accessible from any smart device and requires an Agent to connect to) Agent, do you read me? Codename: Terranova is a two-players 3D co-op communication game. Your team must beat the training on the Terranova experimental hovering train: this will prepare you to be the most reliable couple, the Field Agent (a.k.a Agent), and the Operations Center (a.k.a. Operator). Co-op communication Each mission will test the team's balance: will you be able to communicate efficiently? As the Agent, you can operate on the train in person to handle devices and solve puzzles. As the Operator, through the Terranova Operating Central System that can be used by smartphone or PC, you can interact with the Agent and the devices on the train.

In years, it had never happened that our hi-tech trains had technical problems, falling to the ground. It had never happened that they derailed from their trajectory, crashing. Our vehicles are the state of the art of automation, we would not even need personnel on board except for the tasks necessary to assist passengers. Our is an indispensable service for all the planets on which we operate, we cannot afford other mistakes. We do not know, as today, if these are technical problems or someone is working to tamper with our systems, but we have decided to establish a security task force to act in case of need. This is why we must train our agents to solve any situation and make them become custodians and overseers. You, Operator, are one of them. Together with your Agent you will form a team, passing our training is your goal. Good luck.

Codename: Terranova was developed and published by ACGames - ACSoftware S.r.l.(1)