Browser Game

Dedalium cover image

Dedalium is the completely free RPG online game with the characteristic that it can be played through a browser extension on any website that you are visiting. You create a character (Network Guardian) which you can customize, choose strategy and improve it's gear. You can find Dedalium crystals, enemies and other players to fight anywhere and also you can fight through the website on the adventure mode and versus other players.

The Internet, humanity's greatest revolution, gave way to a new kind of communication, a new and unique way of life. Social media was the main focus of all human relationships, bringing people from different places together in a great peaceful community. But something was formed under that idyllic facade of freedom. Junk emails, spam, deleted comments, neutralized viruses ... The other side of the truth, which always went unnoticed, was accumulating a lot of waste. And... unexpectedly, from that compressed amount of corrupted waste, Dedalium was born, an unlimited source of energy. Humanity, dazzled by such power, did not realize that under the shadow of that immense purity, uncontrollable and dangerous forms of infection were also born. And the little things began to fail ... Many files and images became corrupt, social media accounts disappeared overnight, web pages suffered small and untraceable attacks... Chaos started to emerge, the signs that something big was going to happen were too obvious, and fear and anguish took over the world. Those impurities, fed by all the garbage that continued to be generated, grew to become a great threat, a threat that claimed the Dedalium as its own. Humans, far from seeking a universal solution, began to blame each other as responsible for creating such monsters and abandoned the idea of community. So the first Network Guardians were created, shields being installed to keep everyone's information safe. Programmed not only to protect, but also to obtain Dedalium, its use as the mainline of defense and attack began to spread, but this only divided people more. Humanity was blinded by fear and ambition, and the Internet, that great discovery that would unite all people into one, fragmented them to the point of almost destroying them.