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Divine Grimoire

Divine Grimoire

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Release date: 9/18/2012 (11 years ago)

In Divine Grimoire, players summon units fight in highly tactical, turn-based battles. Tense, strategic battles focusing around card-decks provide a heretofore unseen level of intrigue in this Fantasy RPG. With a robust single-player mode, architecture system, the game also stays true to its roots by retaining the browser game-style gameplay that catapulted this genre to prominence. - Summon Units: Players’ tactical prowess will be tested in terms of where and when to summon units. - Turn-Based Battles: Summoned units will, independent of the player, follow a set of rules as the battle progresses. - Card Deck: Players collect cards, strengthen them, and trade, creating their very own personalized decks. - Single-Player Mode: The game’s robust single-player mode is perfect for those who would rather focus solely on battle enemies with none of the back-and-forth to distract them.

    Divine Grimoire was developed and published by Shenzhen Fire Element Network Technology Co., Ltd.(1)VectorGame(2)Lionsfilm Limited Co., Ltd.(3)