Earl Grey

Earl Grey

Browser Game

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A chill, survival, foraging, hunting, exploring, shooting, pixel art game.

Can you fight and kill the angry bosses taking control of your beloved homeland? Rid the land of these bosses while hunting and foraging to survive. Find fuel for your generator to give power to your cabin where you can create Hardware out of foraged items. Use Hardware to upgrade your rifle and remove rubble piles for further exploration. Help Earl survive in this fun and simplistic pixel art world, but remember, do not die as you only have one life to live. You must collect Items from around the forest. These will be used for Surviving and also for Crafting Hardware and Ammo. You can find and craft many items in the forest. They all have a use and some are more rare than others.

  • Single player(2653)
  • Indie(1447)
  • Adventure(935)
  • Side view(903)
  • Shooter(235)
  • Survival(131)
  • Sport(87)
  • Pixel Graphics(40)
  • Exploration(36)
  • Shooting(5)
  • Hunting(3)
  • Perma Death(3)
  • Chill(2)
  • Foraging(1)