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Jack and Casie Demake

Jack and Casie Demake

Web Browser Game

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Release date: 1/26/2024 (3 months ago)

This is a mouse controlled real-time inventory management game, think of it as Attache Case from Resident Evil but things are happening at the same time as you're trying organize it. It is a demake of the original game by Alex Sian aka Shoutscion.

Robot Apocalypse happened and you're Jack, a trash can with space for inventory that you need to manage. Jack tags along Casie for adventure and because he has got nothing better to do.

    Jack and Casie Demake was developed and published by spoike(1)
    • Single player(4030)
    • Side view(1476)
    • Bird view / Isometric(1171)
    • Puzzle(1156)
    • Strategy(456)
    • PICO-8(265)
    • Demake(84)
    • Unofficial Demake(34)