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The Pulps Company

The Pulps Company

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Release date: 1/1/2024 (4 months ago)

The Pulps Company offers various treasure-hunt-like games.

The Pulps Company. From humble beginning as a small magazine stand in Tonopah, Nevada… Well, that's not important. They are now a national chain store company selling all kinds of random stuff you can ever imagine - magazine, newspaper, canned foods... horse-racing wire service, pawned gold watches... and eventually "the Old West Treasure Clues." Yes, it's fake, there is no such thing as treasure clues written by old west cowboys. Anyway, it's popular among poor miners and railroaders. I have to say it's disgusting to see the commercialism went this far. Every time I see stupid things like Ford System, Jesse Livermore, or Charlie Chaplin, more and more I want to go back to Florence in early Renaissance, when everything was simple and beautiful.

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