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Astropover cover image
Release date: 4/24/2018 (6 years ago)

Astropover is not an easy game to run through. It’s important to remember where your opponents appear. There is the possibility to start a level again or you can even jump to the next level. This game was created combining 2 incompatible genres: a mixture of Jump & Run and Bullet Hell/shmup.

Your one your way in the space, and than you run out of power for your car. You take a stop over in this alien world and search for batteries. You have to survive until the last level, pick up as many batteries as possible and go back in you car to continue you journey.

    • Single player(4399)
    • Indie(1834)
    • Windows(1667)
    • Action(1356)
    • Linux(686)
    • Shooter(447)
    • Shoot Em Up(56)
    • Bullet Hell(40)
    • Godot Engine(30)
    • Shmup(19)