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Etherjump is a web-based 'build-your-own' platformer game that empowers builders with decentralized ownership of NFT assets. The Level Builder equips plot owners with powerful, yet intuitive tools to bring their most creative ideas to life, no coding required. Run, jump, and dash in a high-octane, dynamic platformer experience, engineered by gamers, for gamers.

    • Single player(2653)
    • Side view(903)
    • Fantasy(608)
    • Platform(449)
    • Sandbox(98)
    • NFT(29)
    • Blockchain(23)
    • Crypto(15)
    • Cryptocurrency(13)
    • Puzzle Platformer(12)
    • NFTs(12)
    • PixiJS(9)
    • User Generated(3)
    • Technical Platformer(2)